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It’s not fair that big Businesses can squeeze every cent they can out of you for your shopping habits. So why spend more when you can spend less.

Online purchasing sites use something called geo-based pricing to increase their profits. That means the country you’re browsing from determines the price you see.

Vpnzr lets you use dynamic pricing to your advantage, By connecting to a VPN server from a different country and IP. Online shopping sites will now give you pricing based on the country you are connecting too.

Here’s our golden tips that can give you the upper hand and save hundreds every year.

  1. Browse and discover the prices you get without a Vpnzr Server
  2. Clear your cookies and launch Vpnzr Client or App.
  3. Connect to a VPN server from a different country
  4. Repeat your search and compare prices
  5. Repeat steps 2, 3 and 4 until you find the best deals

How to save money on flights

Airplane companies love raising their prices based on whether you’ve shown interested in a particular flight by visiting their website. Our VPN software makes you immune to this practice by keeping your browsing history 100% private. This way, airfare sites won’t be able to raise their prices if you return. The location from where you’re browsing for your plane ticket can also make a difference in the price.

Use Vpnzr to switch between different countries or citys, so you can compare prices.

Book cheaper hotel rooms

Booking hotel rooms while connected to a VPN is one of the best ways to save big bucks when traveling. Below are screenshots from two different locations, one was with no VPN enabled from an Irish IP address and the other was an IP address in Brazil with Vpnzr enabled. You can see below, by booking a hotel from a Brazilian IP is 36 euro cheaper for 3 nights. This is a huge saving if you plan to stay longer or travel a lot. In most cases, it’s cheaper to book from the country you are traveling too or a country that has low taxes and lower wages.

Irish IP without Vpnzr

Brazilian IP with Vpnzr enabled

Remember to always clear your cookies for each new search!

Now that you know how to have the upper hand when shopping online, Join Vpnzr today and start saving!

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